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Kristin Booker • May 6, 2013

Beauty Must: Please Watch This Skinceuticals Video to Help Raise Awareness for Melanoma

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Click to watch the Skinceuticals Melanoma Awareness video.

So, May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Today is Melanoma Monday.

Sunscreen is one of those products that sort of transcends “beauty” when it comes to writing about it. I mean, I love the Hell out of some eyeliner, but it isn’t going to save your life. Lipstick isn’t going to help you survive another day (well, let me not go that far…sometimes lipstick is the only way to get through the day.) But, in all seriousness, the daily use of sunscreen is the number one protection factor against the harmful rays of the sun, the effects of which are getting more and more serious all the time.

It doesn’t matter what your ethnic background is, it doesn’t matter how good you look with a tan: if you’re not rocking broad-spectrum sunscreen every single time you leave the house and/or come into contact with the sun’s rays (and that includes building and car windows), you’re at risk for developing skin cancer. It’s preventable and treatable with early detection. Without early detection, it’s an incredibly serious way to suffer…and quite possibly die.

Skinceuticals passed along this video with some of their favorite celebs to help spread the message. By clicking on it, they’ll donate $1 to the Melanoma Research Alliance. You may recognize some of the celebs they wrangled to help with the message, from Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi to fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and man-about-all-things-fabulous Derek Blasberg (there’s even a spot from my fellow beauty blogging brethren, Jeannine Morris.)

Click on the spot and then go take advantage of the FREE skin checks that Skinceuticals is hosting around the country at select Board Certified dermatologist offices across the country. It’s a lifesaving service, free of charge. Click here to find a screening in your area.

One of my dearest friends lost a parent to melanoma. I watched her suffering and I promised her that I would do whatever I could to help make the awareness of this horrible disease prevalent on the site. I intend to keep that promise. Get checked. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at LEAST SPF 15. Stay safe. Spread the message.


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