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Kristin Booker • December 19, 2010

Beauty Necessity: VIDEO! How To Freshen Your Hair Color This Holiday Season With Clairol Natural Instincts!

OK, so let’s talk frankly here, ladies. Your roots have no place in your jam-packed holiday schedule. You cannot head to dinner with your in-laws,/hot holiday party/New Year’s Eve with grays and weird two-three-tone color. It’s just not done.

See, now you’re angry with me and you’re saying, “Kristin, I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to color my hair right now! Between family obligations, trying to get my boss off my back and just trying to hang in there until that O Holy Night when I can get some SLEEP, time to book a salon appointment is SO not only list.”

Hang tight, sister. I’ve got you covered. Home hair color that will cover your grays without leaving a root line. Oh yes. It’s called Clairol Natural Instincts and in just TEN (count them, 10) minutes, that situation will no longer exist.

The video above is of Clairol Color Director and celebrity colorist Marie Robinson and Victoria, a real Natural Instincts hair color user and contest winner, walking you through how to apply the demi-permanent (washes out in 28 shampoos) color at home. Yes, people – this is a video that explains STEP BY STEP how to get this situation under control.  It includes how to prep the bathroom, what tools you’ll need and exactly how to do it. It’s genius, I must say.

So, now you have no excuse. Head to your local drugstore or Target and get your hands on your own personal best color (stay within two shades of your own hair or go with an exact match – it can only deposit color, not lighten.) You deserve to look lovely and put-together this holiday season and all year round and if ten minutes is all it takes, you can carve that time out for yourself. Plus, it’s gentle and has been proven to improve your hair’s texture and health over time. Such a win-win, no?

Clairol Natural Instincts ($8.99), available at your local drugstore, Target or


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