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Kristin Booker • October 9, 2012

Beauty News: And Now, A Word From Brad Pitt and Chanel No. 5

Brad Pitt. Image courtesy of W Magazine.

I’m going to attempt to get through this little note of beauty news without giggling like a 12 year-old girl, but it might be a bit hard. Because, I love both Chanel and Brad Pitt and this post combines my two great loves in a way not seen outside of the candy industry (you know, that whole chocolate-and-peanut-butter combo). So, you know, let’s get to it.

October 15th will mark the premiere of Chanel No. 5’s first “man” and that man is none other than Pitt himself. I could say all sorts of things about his looks, his talent, his artistic endeavors, the fact that he’s not only into architecture but humane causes and photography. We could go on and on about how much we love him, his movies and how exciting a partnership with Chanel could be and will be. But let’s save all that until next week. Until then, we’ve been left with this 7-second clip to get us all excited.

And, honestly, gals and gents, that’s really all we need for now. Until next week, Chanel and Brad Pitt fans. Until next week…

Because you HAVE to believe somewhere Coco herself is nodding with approval. C’est ci bon, mon cheri.


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