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Kristin Booker • October 30, 2013

Beauty News: Blake Lively Is The Newest Global Spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris

Image courtesy of L'Oreal Paris USA.

Image courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA.

You know, I rarely get starstruck. No, it’s totally true: I can count on both hands the number of celebs, especially those younger than me, that are worth a mention on FSB. It’s nothing personal, I just think our obsession with fame as a society has gotten a bit out of hand and I really try not to feed that outside of the big red carpet events.

But I do deserve to have celebrity girl crushes, and one of my biggest girl crushes has become L’Oreal Paris‘ newest Global Spokesperson. Yep, I’m talking about Blake Lively.

There is no shame in my game that I admit that I watched Gossip Girl until the bitter end. I hung in there until the very last episode because I…well, I guess I’m a Blake Lively fan. Physically gorgeous? yes. Married to Ryan Reynolds? Absolutely. The Best Hair on Planet Earth, Mile Long Legs and a Manslaying Physique? Yep, I want to hate her but I can’t.

You know why? Because she seems to be a pretty grounded gal who loves to cook. As in, she’s a baking-cooking machine who would rather keep her private life private and whip up a souffle rather than end up face first on the sidewalk outside a Hollywood party. I like Blake. She’s good in my book. I also like L’Oreal hair and makeup products. So, you know, this is a win all the way around.

Image courtesy of L'Oreal Paris USA.

Image courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA.

It’ll be fun to see the campaigns in which L’Oreal Paris features Blake – the angles are endless: hair care, hair color makeup, etc. She joins the ranks of other big names in the Global Spokesperson ranks, including Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore (another eternal Hollywood girl crush of mine,) Beyonce Knowles, Eva Longoria and Lara Stone.

So, I’ll stay tuned, as will the rest of us to see how the ads turn out, but I’m locked and loaded. Until then, Blake Lively fans.

xoxo…(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)



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