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Kristin Booker • October 16, 2012

UPDATED POST: The WINNER of Beauty Obsession + GIVEAWAY- Bliss Firm Baby Firm Is…

Pssst! See bottom of post for the name of the winner!

As I’ve been regarding things in the mirror lately, let’s just say that my age might be catching up to me a bit. As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias, “Darlin, time marches on. Pretty soon you realize that it’s marchin’ across your face.” That being said, let’s just say that things around the jawline have started to shift a bit and I kind of liked them where they were.

Which is when it’s time to take action. I’ve previously played around with quite a few firming products, but the most recent product to get my attention is Bliss Firm Baby Firm. As a fan (and a customer) of Bliss for a long time, I’ve never once had a bad experience with their products. Some take longer to work than others, but it’s been my experience that the product will do whatever it says it will do with – and here’s the kicker, kids – regular, sustained use. Meaning that you can’t slap something on (from any product line, really) and expect to wake up the next morning, magically transformed. Bliss skincare products – with regular, sustained use – deliver what they say they will.

Firm Baby Firm is an anti-aging product that basically combines all the beautiful ingredients that an esthetician would use in one setting into one product to help firm skin from the inside out, resulting in that plump, youthful appearance you get after a facial. The product contains the key ingredient to do just that: peptides that target the cells and cause them to produce more collagen from the inside.

And let me be clear here: any product that says it can plump from the inside out that doesn’t contains peptides is most likely a bunch of bunk. If you need plumping for aging skin, always look for this ingredient, period.

The product also contains phyto gardenia stems to boost elasticity and collagen in the skin, all wrapped in a lightweight aloe-based formula so it doesn’t irritate. After using the product for three weeks and counting, I’ve seen a bounce back in the appearance of my skin, most notably the firmness around the jawline and around my neck.

I’ve always told you I would only tell you about products that work. In my experience, this product definitely does.

The product retails for $75 and is available at Bliss Spas nationwide and their online site, as well as Nordstrom.

But I’m a giver. I have one to give to one lucky reader FOR FREE. Want to win? Leave a comment below as to why you need a little firming action and I will pick one winner at random THIS FRIDAY, October 19th at 12 pm.

Want a little Firm Baby Firm in your life? Get ready, get set, COMMENT BELOW. Good luck!

Updated on October 29th, 2012 – Hi all! Sorry for the delay! The winner is Tracy Critchett! Congrats! I’ll be contacting you to get your mailing address. Look for another giveaway (and a more timely response) this week!! Thanks for entering, everyone!


6 Responses to UPDATED POST: The WINNER of Beauty Obsession + GIVEAWAY- Bliss Firm Baby Firm Is…

  1. Megan Dailey says:

    I have tried to think of I reason I *deserve* to win this product, but I got nothin’.

    That being said, I love winning things. A lot.


  2. Tracy Critchett says:

    Would love to win this product to try something new in my beauty routine.

  3. M.J. Moore says:

    After two kids and hitting my thirties, I need firmness in a bunch of places…

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  5. Radmila says:

    wow this is a great giveaway! Always wanted to try bliss – and i do need some firmomg action, especially now, after delivery of a child my skin is in need of it.
    (I do hope the giveaway is open interntionally).
    Radmila, (from Ukraine)

  6. colleen boudreau says:

    I just lost 20lbs so i need to firm up some loose skin around my tummy.
    holliister at gmail dot com

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