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Kristin Booker • March 15, 2011

Beauty Obsession Of The Day: The New Molton Brown Body Remedies Collection

It would be redundant to continue to expound upon my lifelong obsession with all things bath products. It’s my one treat, my one true love. That being said, I won’t just put any product on my skin. Oh no, I have a very particular set of products that I will even allow into the bathroom. That’s the code of testing for this site: if it makes it into my bathroom, you will hear about it.

That being said, you should know that the company that owns the most real estate in my bathroom is Molton Brown. This legendary apothecary is known around the world for the most elegantly-scented, effective bath products known to man. Well, please do prepare some counterspace in your own water closet because the Best Present In The World has just arrived: the Body Remedies Collection. Three separate sets of unisex-scented, antioxidant-rich products with exotic ingredients sourced from all over the world to specifically address the main concerns of your skin and bathing needs:

Ambrusca (Renew) – Just in time for the seasons where you’ll be showing the most skin, this collection provides deep cleansing and improves your skin tone. It’s basically a deep skin detox that can improve the appearance of your skin just in time for short shorts and sundresses. The gorgeous-smelling ingredients include Moroccan argan oil and hydrating castor and grapeseed oils. The line contains a cleansing shower oil, a wash & scrub and a hydra-tone product.

Desert Bloom (Hydrate) – Those of us with desert dry skin should get involved with this amazing set of products that help to heal dry, itchy and sensitive skin. The four-product group includes a unique blend of desert plant extracts (genius to look to plants that thrive and draw moisture from the driest climate on Earth, no?) tamarind seed and other moisturizing ingredients. I can speak from experience – one application of these products and you will literally see your skin absorb them. These are mind-blowing. The line contains a Cleansing Shower Milk, a Body Quencher, Intense Hand Rescue and Intense Foot Rescue.

Cedrus (Sleep) – The main staple after late nights of writing and meetings for me, these are the products that will send you into a restful, grateful sleep by relaxing your mind and body with the calming powers of cedrus tree oil from the mountains of Morocco. It also contains skin moisturizing ingredients such as evening primrose oil and gamma linolenic acid. The line contains four products: a Bathing Infusion (my personal favorite evening product,) Body Oil, Temple Soother (rub on your temples and the inside of your wrist before going to sleep) and Room-Aroma Rocks (scented crystals that will make your room a gentle sleep-infused heaven.)

The collection is now available at Molton Brown emporia, select department stores and Molton Brown’s website. I would recommend you get your hands on every single product in the line. They are simply to die for and one experience with them will prove I’m right.


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