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Kristin Booker • June 16, 2011

Beauty Obsession of the Day: VISINE Summer Spectrum Relief Eye Drops

Ok, so now that summer has officially set up camp across the country, it’s time to consider what items you will need to have at the ready for all your hot weather needs. One thing most of us never stop to think about is the health of our eyes. Sure, cute sunglasses are a MUST (please read that again if you don’t wear protective eyewear) but what about the crazy toll that swimming, sand, sun and wind take on your delicate eyes?

This is why one of my must-have favorite products this summer is VISINE Summer Spectrum Relief eye drops, which are found in the Sun Care aisle of most drugstores and retailers. Think about all the crazy things that cause our eyes to turn red during the summer months: chlorine, salt water, high winds, exposure to the sun, drying sand, etc. This new formula not only has the famous company formula for getting the red out but it contains something more: lubrication properties to protect against further irritation. I mean THAT is where the magic happens, people.

Throw one in your handbag, beach bag, pool bag, picnic kit or travel carry on to make sure that those pretty peepers are protected this summer. After all, those eyes will need to be in good shape way after the fun of summer passes. Let’s show them a little more love, shall we?

VISINE Summer Spectrum Relief Eye Drops, available at fine drugstores and big box retailers like Target near you in the Sun Care aisle (very important to remember.)


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