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Kristin Booker • May 29, 2012

Beauty Quickie: How to Refresh Your Face When It’s Hot Outside

If you’re anywhere near the Eastern seaboard right now, you’re trying to stay inside before you spontaneously combust. The mercury is rising and that can mean bad tempers, melted makeup and a generally not-so-cute appearance if you’re not careful.

This is also when your skin can take a beating. Between scorching hot sun, steamy compartments with little-to-no-air (the subway comes to mind) and the dirt and grime of the atmosphere, your skin can look and feel lackluster, tight and downright gross. Today’s Beauty Quickie is how to keep your skin looking cool and gorgeous when the weather outside is like molten lava.

The tip is to keep a rosewater spray either in a cool spot in your desk or the refrigerator at work, like this Melvita Eau Floral de Rose Rose Floral Water. Kept in the fridge, a quick spritz on the face can add much-needed moisture without completely destroying your makeup. Plus, the coolness and toner properties tone and add refreshment that will help your skin look amazing and might keep you from killing your co-worker, who has decided to eat another salad containing onions and garlic at her desk… AGAIN.

I should also add that it’s delicate enough for sensitive skin types, of which I am one. So, if it’s easy enough to use on my skin, I wholeheartedly recommend it to you. I should also note: if you’ve had a crying jag at work, this also helps cool your face and bring your skin back to normal.

Do something for the greater good. Spritz and repeat until your skin feels amazing and your slightly homicidal impulses pass.



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