Kristin Booker • March 8, 2010

Beauty Scene: Inside the Sunsilk Relaunch with Celebrity Hairstylist Teddy Charles

I received an invitation to try the newly-relaunched Sunsilk  products at a fabulous event held at Pier 59 studios. For those of you who don’t live here in Manhattan, television shows, runway shows and all sorts of entertainment events are held in these huge warehouse-looking halls so when you get a chance to go there, you just go. The invitation said, “Please arrive with freshly-washed hair (if possible)” because the brand’s newest consultant, the fabulous celebrity hairstylist Teddy Charles, and his team would style our hair using the products and put us in front of the camera for a photo shoot. I’m not at liberty to give any specific details but I arrived from work with freshly-washed hair. I was to use the Hydra TLC Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Creme. The specifics of how I got my hair washed before I got to the event will go to my grave with me but my dedication to you readers cannot be tested. That’s LOVE, people.

Even as I was making a mad dash to the event, I have to tell you that my hair really did feel much softer and hydrated. I was immediately impressed with how quickly the conditioner penetrated the hair shaft. I arrived ready for action and was brought into a room with huge studio lights, a lounge with food and a photographer set-up. They weren’t kidding, folks. This was a real photo shoot.

I was then introduced to Teddy Charles. Teddy Charles works runway shows and has celebrity clientele all over the world. He’s a hair genius and a former Abercrombie model. The angels sang, the skies opened and the beauty deities gave me a blessing: Teddy decided to do my hair personally.

It’s a whole new experience having someone that talented and gorgeous do you hair. I can make a million movie references (Shampoo, Out of Africa) but having a sweet and beautiful man do your hair and say, “You should wear your hair off your face. You are gorgeous” will have you floating for days. I know because I have yet to come down.

I was then whisked into makeup where the fabulous Angela did my smoky eye look. After a quick second touch-up from Teddy, I was ready to take my place in front of the camera with softer, sexier hair.  A professional photographer, the fabulous Ana, took my new headshots while a soundtrack played in the background and my fellow bloggers cheered me on. What a fabulous night!

I can’t share Teddy with all of you but I can tell you that these amazing products will be available in drugstores very soon. There are products for all types of hair and conditions, including curly hair, fine hair and shine-enhancing formulas. Head to your local Walmart or Drugstore.com soon and pick up these salon-tested products co-created by a man who definitely knows his hair.

FTC Full Disclosure: Samples received for review


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