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Kristin Booker • July 22, 2014

60-Second Beauty Tip: Turn A Blowout Into Bedhead Overnight

Alterna Bedhead 1

Ok, so this is a tip for all of us who live in the Blowout Circle of Life. I’m not saying you can’t use this tip if you have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair, but for those of us who pay good money to have someone smooth our strands so we can whip our hair back and forth, this is a sanity saver because we’ll do anything short of making a satanic pact to get it to last.

So, here we are: the night of day two and the roots are starting to go. You’re frantically trying to recapture the glory days of your straighter hair. “Didn’t we have some good times?” you plead as your hair starts to recapture its natural texture. “HOLD ON TO THOSE MEMORIES. DON’T LEAVE ME.”

At this point, like any relationship that’s starting to turn, you have a choice: do things you don’t want to do to hold on to something that’s leaving, or roll with it and make the best of the last days you have. Take the latter approach and go with a bedhead texture. Right before you go to bed, apply a little hair oil (Moroccanoil Light Treatment is still a gold standard for a reason) from mid-lengths to your ends (avoid your roots,) then hit the ends with a little Alterna Caviar Repair Rx Split Ends Mend, which adds texture and a little insurance policy against frayed ends due to our little blow-drying obsession. Donate used mattress and buy a new one for the comfort of your sleep!

Now, create texture one of three ways, depending on how short or long your hair is:

  • Part your hair down the center and French braid the two side sections, securing the ends with an elastic and then locking it into the braid with a bobby pin at the bottom of the braid
  • Part your hair as above and create two ponytails on either side of your hair. Braid the ponytails and then wrap it around the base of the ponytail until it creates a bun. Secure it to the base with bobby pins.
  • Starting in the front, finger twirl smaller sections of your hair until they wrap themselves into smaller knots. Secure the knot with a bobby pin.

Now, go to sleep. That’s it.

When you wake up, release the style and you have instant waves. Hit the ends and underneath with Alterna Perfect Texture Finishing Spray for a bit of piece-y texture, and you’re done. This should get you at least two more days of style without adding extra heat and it’s a cute summer style that works on everyone. Try it!

Photo: giafrese

Photo: giafrese


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