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Kristin Booker • May 24, 2011

Beauty Update: An Open Love Letter to Ted Gibson Salon For My Epic Makeover

So, you might have noticed that there was something a little different about my recent photos. Yep, I’ve decided to change the hair up a little bit for summer and go with voluminous curls.  This was a decision that was actually in the making for a bit and there was a lot of talk about long and straight or a sleek bob but let’s be frank here: it’s summer and that means heat, humidity and an epic battle of chemical processes, blowouts, smoothing cream and running from rain and sources of water like a cat. No, it was time to get this done so there was only one place to go: Ted Gibson Salon.

To be quite honest, it happened sooner than planned due to my friend Sarah Conley’s epic 11-hour makeover with Eric at Ted’s salon. Great Lengths. As in, “It’s Britney Bitch” hair.  She’s now a redhead with nipple-grazing locks that would make Titian cry in his paint tray. Since Sarah was going in for a new look, Sade decided that it was time for me to have one. I fired up the iPad and the new look was underway.

Photo of me when I walked in with Sarah Conley in process. Photo: Sarah Conley

The team that gave me this lioness mane would be my mane hair girl, Sade Williams and uber-fabulous colorist Jan Marie Marteca. Let’s be clear here: these are four people on this earth allowed to touch my hair. Sade and Jan Marie are two of them, the other two would be Ted Gibson himself and his partner, celebrity colorist and L’Oreal Professional Global Ambassador Jason Backe. The results of this choice are clear: I have hair that is, to quote Ted himself, MAJOR.

Rock star hair about halfway through the process. Photo: Sarah Conley

The new look is something that Sade, Ted and I planned in celebration of all the hard work I’ve been doing and for my forthcoming birthday. The almost-daily workouts. The long hours spent working to make myself into a woman I respect and quite like. Not only am I finding the curly mane much easier to deal with (how have I missed wash-and-go curls all my life?!?) but I think it’s a sexy texture. Sade’s been trying to convince me to go curly forever. I’m glad we finally made that happen.

The finished product with my amazing hair maven, Sade Williams.

The reason this is a love letter to the Ted Gibson Salon is because there is no detail spared in making sure that every single person that walks in there is nurtured and soothed until their inner beauty is revealed. Every time I walk into the salon, I watch men and women feel transformed, that sensation of walking in with the weight of the world on your shoulders and not-so-great hair and walking out feeling like you need background music. That comes from the man himself and it’s the reason that A-listers, editors, fashion mavens, celebrities and top bloggers will go nowhere else. Ted really enjoys watching women transform, turning every single one of us from a chrysalis full of potential  into a full-grown butterfly.

Sarah and me as finished products of the Ted Gibson Salon makeovers. Photo: Sarah Conley

This love letter is to tell all of you that if you are in New York City, there is no better hair experience than sitting with one of the extremely skilled associates at the Ted Gibson Salon and if you can bring the bank, get on the calendar to have Ted and Jason do your hair personally. All those Oprah and What Not To Wear makeovers, magazine covers and features and blog entries should tell you something. Because once you walk out of that salon looking like you’re worth a fortune, you’ll act like you are and THAT, my friends, is why we love Ted Gibson Salon. Because, damn it, we are worth it.

This is a huge thank you to Sade for making me and every other client of hers look like a dream come true. This is a huge thank you to Jan Marie for adding that little touch of something that just makes us look brighter and prettier. This is a major hug and thanks to Jason Backe for always being so supportive and consulting on just the right shade and length.

And most important, this is a love letter to you, Ted Gibson, for having a heart that matches your boundless talent. I adore you. You are truly one of the greatest people in the industry and I’m proud to know you.

Ladies, make an appointment and see if you won’t want to write a love letter of your own. Bet you will. 🙂


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