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Kristin Booker • July 13, 2011

Blogger Inspiration Board: Drew Barrymore, Bebel Gilberto, eye4style and Lauren Hutton


Today’s blogger crush – I’m actually one of those people who doesn’t read a lot of style blogs but the few I read have hilarious commentary along with their- to quote Gwen Stefani – wicked style. This heady mixture with a dash of news you can use thrown in would be my daily must read (and it should be yours, too) – eye4style and its genius creator, Dina Fierro.

Music video on steady repeat – I’m trying to chill out a little bit (which is hard to do when you’re busy and it FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE.)  Only the soft sounds of Bebel Gilberto will soothe my raging heat stroked heart. That and a cold bottle of sancerre.

Image courtesy of ELLE magazine

Fab image that’s inspiring me – I have a lifelong girl crush on Drew Barrymore. This photo from ELLE simply sends me. I need tattered Balmain, otherworldly waves and Drew’s moxy.

Image courtesy of Shopbop

Shoe of the moment – Contrary to popular belief, I am a fan of essential wardrobe items like the always-necessary black pump. I just prefer mine with a platform and a bit of an avant shape, like these Steven Mercy Suede Platform Pumps ($150).

Lauren Hutton in the 1970's. Image source unknown

Style Icon of the Day – It seems the only thing actually aging on legendary supermodel Lauren Hutton is a photo of her in an attic somewhere. I’ve always admired the spirit, beauty and BALLS of this style icon.

Image courtesy IMDB

Image courtesy IMDB



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