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Kristin Booker • April 27, 2016

A Little Bohemian Brunch Style

I’m going to make a confession here: I have been an absentee friend for about two or three years when it comes to making plans with my girlfriends. I don’t know exactly when it started, but between my relationship, the fact that I just work too damned much, and because I am out of my house for hours on end during the week and I CRAVE time where I don’t have to be somewhere, I’ve been the one who can’t commit to Girl Time.  About every other month, I have brunch with my dear friend Dina of Eye4Style, but other than that, I have missed going away parties, birthday parties, and a lot of things.

It’s occurred to me that this is no way to live. In order to have friends, you must be a friend. And when a friend is dealing with something, you gather the troops and you head to brunch. At least that’s how we handle these here issues ‘round these parts.

Dina and I had our bi-monthly brunch scheduled for the first weekend after I returned from traveling, and when our friend Sarah from StyleIt Online discovered some rather big health news (I’ll let you read about that here,) we became a brunch trio. Reservations were made at Zona Rosa in Brooklyn (which is OH SO GOOD, please go,) and the most amazing thing happened: two Manhattanites went to Brooklyn for brunch to be near a very dear friend for laughs, Girl Time, and guacamole.

Good friends are the ones who let you be weird.

Good friends are the ones who let you be weird.

That brunch was a game changer for me in so many ways. It made me so incredibly grateful for the time I get to spend with my friends. I can get in my head about things far too much, which causes me to isolate and spend time writing or working on whatever project I’m chewing on, and it’s occurred to me that time is slipping away. These women are my tribe, an essential part of my soul. I rely on their affection, counsel, and sense of humor. I’ve realized that these relationships need nurturing, time spent laughing until your face hurts, discovering new shops and strange artwork…

This was just too good not to share.

This was just too good not to share.

Another brunch breakthrough was me breaking out of a clothing rut. Let’s be honest here: I’ve worn pretty much the same things for about six months. I hadn’t really done anything with my hair. I put on makeup if I had to do so. That’s a rut, a big one. Going home helped me rediscover things about myself, like the fact that I have always been a girly tomboy. I love getting dirty and being physical, but then I want to shower and put on some nice clothes and feel pretty. I’d gotten pretty far away from that, so when I got dressed to meet Dina and Sarah for brunch, I have to admit that my boyfriend was pretty shocked.

Bohemian Brunch Style Header Shot 1

“Wow, honey, you look really, really pretty,” he said. I smiled as I kissed him goodbye. When I was traveling, I had actually called him to sort of apologize for not making an effort, and by “effort,” I mean I’m apologizing for staying in sweaty workout clothes with no makeup and pretty much ignoring any kind of effort to resemble the woman he fell in love with. The photos of this brunch mark a moment for me, a turning point in my personal style. Because I have an entire closet to explore, and a whole world of clothing I had completely forgotten existed in the depths of my existential navel gazing. I get to be vainer, and I have my girlfriends to thank for confirming my sartorial choices.


Oh, and that brunch at marks the moment I lost my Milk Bar virginity. It’s a staple here in New York City, with desserts that transcend traditional sweets and the mind that loves them. I had my first taste of Cereal Milk Ice Cream (covered in chocolate chips, of course) and Crack Pie. My taste buds and my blood sugar may never be the same again. I’m absolutely going back.


The menu on the wall at Milk Bar. I couldn’t fit it all into one shot. It’s BEYOND.

Milk Bar

The sun was shining, the laughter and conversation flowed. We parted ways, knowing it wouldn’t be months before it would happen again. Bonds of friendship solidified, we departed to our respective sides of New York City to start our weeks a little happier, well fed, and knowing that regardless of how things go down that our best girlfriends have our backs.

Photo by Sarah Conley

Photo by Sarah Conley

That’s the sign of a really great brunch in my book. I liked it so much I think I’ll do it again soon. I’m remembering to dress for life, and I have brunch with my best friends to remind me to do just that.

Thanks, ladies.

What I’m wearing: H&M Poncho (no longer available, but love this one) and Linen T-shirt (not shown)/Henry & Belle Super Skinny Ankle jeans/Feiyue sneakers/Wildfox Couture Monroe sunglasses/Old Navy handbag (I KNOW! SO GOOD, RIGHT?!? It’s no longer available, but this is super cute.)





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