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Kristin Booker ā€¢ October 21, 2013

Breathing Space: Sunday’s Romantic Walk Along Manhattan’s Hudson River


So, without going into a lot of detail about how Lucky Guy and I met, we had our first date during New York Fashion Week. As in, the first Friday of Fashion Week, immediately after I sealed up my last submission for Fashion.Style.Beauty and other clients, I got dressed and went on a date. I was exhausted. I wore my glasses and a shirt where the clasp on the front wouldn’t stay closed for the life of me. Despite the wardrobe malfunctions, our newborn romance seems to be going quite well. He’s a gem of a guy. I’m incredibly happy. He gets me.


When we first met, I was lamenting over how badly I wanted to escape the confines of New York City. When you’re here for long periods of time, the buildings and crowding can make you claustrophobic. I was starting to smother under deadlines and a general lack of feeling any kind of space. I felt angry every time I got on the subway. Pushing crowds were starting to bring me close to tears. My nerves were shot, but there was no vacation time to be had, and it’s not like I could have just picked up and left for a week (I WISH freelancers made that kind of money.) So, after a couple of weeks of dating, he decided he wanted to show me something and we went for a walk. Understanding my need for space, Lucky Guy took me on an abbreviated walk along the Hudson River, on a paved path to More Air and Bigger, Wider Spaces without even having to get on the subway.


That walk changed so many things for me. Air, the sight and smell of water, the discovery of soccer fields and running paths, so many smiles brought on by sculpture gardens tucked neatly away, awaiting discovery. The sun beating on my face, the ability to stretch my legs, to walk long stretches of scenic pavement and be rewarded by expertly-maintained patches of grass. Free space at the periphery of the city where space takes 70% of your income, shimmering water and beautiful fall temperatures allowed me to breathe, to recharge…to recapture my soul.


2013-10-20 16.02.06

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to meet some of his friends for brunch, he informed me we’d be walking the path again, but from Soho all the way home. That would be a walk from just over the entrance to TriBeCa all the way to the Upper West Side of the city. 80+ blocks. Which is why my semi-cute outfit is complete with New Balance trainers. I’d normally have opted for something much more fashion forward (it’s brunch in Soho, after all,) but a five-mile walk after eggs calls for sensible shoes. And so we went.

West Side Walk collage

I took the photos to capture some moments of our gorgeous walk, some snaps of Manhattan’s West Side walkways and beautiful scenery. If you visit New York, be sure to make your way to the water’s edge, but if you live here, take a moment to walk to the fringes of the island and just breathe.

2013-10-20 16.02.22-1

I’ve always heard that dating in Manhattan, especially in the fall, is the experience of a lifetime. These pictures don’t do yesterday justice. It was filled with moments that allowed me to breathe and recharge, but some of them….


…like being with him…


…really took my breath away.



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