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Kristin Booker • March 5, 2014

Bright Accessories, Brighter Outlook




giafrese-feb27-8Clearly, when it’s freezing cold outside, it’s a little harder to get all fired up about coming out from underneath the covers. They keep promising that spring is coming (no, really, it is), but until then, a girl’s gotta add little bright spots in her day where she can. Some people do it with ice cream; I like to do it with accessories.

giafrese-feb27-3 giafrese-feb27-6

These outfit photos feature two of my favorite brightly-hued accessories. This amazing J.Crew bag is an old friend, recently rediscovered while excavating some shoes from the back of my closet (things fall down and get lost, the world is an imperfect place, what can I say?)


The other is a new pair of flats from Repetto that are such a vivid shade of cobalt blue that they’re the punctuation mark on any sentence. We shot this photo on that one day during New York’s current winter where I could go sans tights, but I’ve since rocked them with jeans. Both of these items just make me so incredibly happy. If you fear color (raises hand) and you’re not always sure you should wear clothes in vivid hues (raises both hands,) accessories are the way to go.

giafrese-feb27-14 giafrese-feb27-13

The dress is kind of a funny item. I have had a lifelong love affair with stripes. I really, really love them. I’ve also been told by multiple people that I shouldn’t/can’t wear them because I’m so hourglass shaped. I shrug my shoulders at this one and just frame it with a jacket and throw on a vintage belt. Sometimes, you go with what you love…and I personally adore stripes.

giafrese-feb27-12 giafrese-feb27-11

Bright accessories on graphic black and white remind me of those tiny signs of spring we keep looking for among the shadows of the buildings in New York. Little flowers are fighting to come through the grass and if they can keep a positive outlook and survive into the oncoming cheer of spring, I can as well. Brighten your outlook and cheer yourself up by framing your look with a pop of color.

All items on me are from my own closet. The Repetto Ballet Pumps are a new closet addition, and I’d suggest you check ’em out.

All photos in this post were taken by Jeff Smith of Giafrese.



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