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I'm back, New York. Let's do this.

Sunday Reflections: The Heart Grows Back

July 21, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (2)

This weekend, I had my first date in two years. I was terrified/nervous/excited/freaked out for the entire week leading up to the big event. It wasn’t just my first date in two years, it was the fact that I hadn’t even really considered anyone since The Big Breakup of 2009. For years, I’ve had people [&hellip...

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Photo: giafrese

Do It: Celebrate Yourself Today

July 4, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (0)

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me literally counting the days until this weekend, the 4th of July weekend. Because I’m doing something I don’t normally do, which is I’m taking my own advice, folks: Life is short, live well....

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Thoughts From The Meditation Room: Give A Little Less of Yourself

March 6, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (2)

Sometimes, when I sit in silence, I come up with some thoughts that I think are pretty great and I hope that they’ll inspire you to do something amazing for yourself. This one came to me this morning in savasana at Core Fusion. This morning had me...

My amazing nails, courtesy of Jin Soon Choi and her new spring nail lacquer collection.

FSB Nail Files: My Awesome Mani with Jin Soon Choi A La Mode Nail Lacquer Collection

February 27, 2013 • Beauty, InspirationComments (0)

How fast can I get this photo of my amazing manicure up and running? How about this fast? Briefly, allow me to say that I don’t do “nail art.” As a matter of fact, the very concept of a pattern on my nails kind of freaks me out. I’m a...

Me, 7 lbs lighter and game to try aerial yoga at an event (more on that later.) Photo by the amazing Bryce Gruber Hermon.

Weight Loss Diary: The Results of Weeks Two and Three of the SHRED Diet Plan by Dr. Ian Smith

January 28, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (0)

Alrighty, so let’s just say that last week was a tad bit hectic. Signed a new client, Fashion Week is coming, life’s getting busy. BUT, I HAVE stayed on the SHRED Diet by Doctor Ian Smith, so let’s talk about the results and the notes: Week...

ME, right after I spanked that spinning class this morning, four pounds lighter.

Diet and Exercise Diary: A Report From the SHRED Diet, Week One

January 17, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (2)

OK, SO…today is the middle of Week Two, but I wanted to give a report on my progress on the SHRED Diet by Dr. Ian Smith. Which is, to watch his appearances on the talk show circuit and the lack of produce and brown rice availability in the grocery...

The book that will be running my life for six weeks by the amazing Dr. Ian Smith.

New Year, New Me: Trying the SHRED Diet Plan by Dr. Ian Smith

January 7, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (7)

Those of you who’ve been reading the site for a while know that I struggled to drop 75 lbs over a two-year period. I did it through good old fashioned exercise and watching what I ate. I didn’t necessarily diet, but I cut out alcohol, processed...

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And Now, The Top 5 Lessons I Learned From 2012

January 6, 2013 • Headline, InspirationComments (1)

Ah, you guys. The time off has been absolutely amazing. I flew out on Christmas Day and was unplugged almost completely (it’s hard to keep a good Instagram girl down) for 11 glorious fun-filled days. I ventured to my home state of West Virginia, where I...


A Little Reflection and Thank You Before The Holidays

December 24, 2012 • Headline, InspirationComments (0)

As I’m furiously packing to go home for the holidays (yes, I’m flying home tomorrow, on Christmas Day,) I wanted to send a little note of thanks to every single one of you for being readers of my site. This year has been quite an amazing time. I...

Nancy and Ann Wilson (l-r) of Heart. Image source unknown (but greatly appreciated)

Daily Reflection: Take It To Heart

October 4, 2012 • Headline, InspirationComments (1)

Last night, I took a break from all the moving stress and work drama to cross an item off my Bucket List: I saw Heart in concert. Accompanied by my fellow rock and roll-loving friend Dina Fierro of eye4style, we settled into the awe-inspiring Beacon Theater...