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Why Naps Are Important

April 8, 2014 • Headline, Personal Best, StyleComments (0)

Naps. I want to talk about naps, especially right now before I have one. I am someone who rediscovered the power of a good nap right about the time I turned 40. After two decades working in corporate HR, my weekends were spent making up for all the things I couldn’t do while I was [&hellip...

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Thursday Style Section: 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

March 13, 2014 • Headline, StyleComments (1)

When Conde Nast’s folks sent this to me yesterday, clearly they can spot an SJP fan when they know one. I am rabid fan of the intelligent Ms. Parker and her incredible style. I like the fact that’s she’s stylish, well-read, talented, pretty,...

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New York Sample Sale Alert: Club Monaco

February 26, 2014 • Headline, StyleComments (0)

  I really don’t want to drone on about these things, but there’s a Club Monaco sample sale that’s about to go down. Hit the ATM, wear stretchy pants, bring a water bottle, act fast. No elbows, ladies. Play nicely together. Alright,...

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Fitness Style: Some Time To Exhale

February 24, 2014 • Headline, StyleComments (0)

As I’m working diligently to finish my weight loss journey, I’m more determined than ever to make looking good and feeling amazing a bigger part of my lifestyle. exhale mind body spa has played a huge part in that role in helping me feel more...


This Week In Instagram: Weather, Gems & Mellow Moments

February 23, 2014 • Headline, StyleComments (1)

  The week after Fashion Week was filled with a lot of planning. I have a lot of ideas of where I’d like to take this site, and the endeavors started in earnest this week.  Some of the shots above are from a great new outfit shoot we did today (I...

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Sponsored: Hitting The Tents At Fashion Week With Office 365

February 12, 2014 • FSB TV, NYFW, StyleComments (0)

Although this post is brought to you as part of my role as an Office Champion for Microsoft Office 365, the opinions expressed within are strictly my own. It has been a whirlwind of events, shows, parties and presentations. While I get my coverage together,...

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Sponsored: Taking Microsoft Office 365 Out Of Office For New York Fashion Week

February 5, 2014 • FSB TV, Headline, Style, TechnologyComments (0)

   This post is brought to you as part of my role as a Microsoft Office Champion, but the opinions expressed within are strictly my own. One of the most fun things I get to do all year is New York Fashion Week. If you’ve followed this blog for a...

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Monday Motivation Mix: Hands In The Air, Don’t Care

February 3, 2014 • Headline, StyleComments (0)

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted one of these, so apologies for getting a tad caught up. I owe you smiles and a mix to which you can collectively shake your groove thang, and hopefully this mix accomplishes both. I’m still having...

Surface January Post

Sponsored: Getting Organized With Office 365

January 31, 2014 • Style, TechnologyComments (0)

Although this post is brought to you as part of my role as a Microsoft Office Champion, the opinions within are strictly my own. So, I didn’t really make that many resolutions when the clock struck midnight on January 1st. I feel like I have a decent grasp...

This is the Christmas tree at our house. The crazy slanted lights in the background are the neighbor's lights across the street. Our cozy little home.

Home for the Holidays

December 30, 2013 • Headline, StyleComments (0)

Ah, the holidays. I flew home last week and was so exhausted. You know what I mean: we haul it so fast to get to this part of the year and the gauntlet to get to the end is so great that by the time we can slow down we just fall apart. After three [&hellip...