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Kristin Booker • July 29, 2011

Celebrity Menswear Style: Channing Tatum in Diesel Jeans

I haven’t featured menswear in a while but when I see it done well, I have to show an example of it. Plus, it’s Channing Tatum so you’ll excuse me if I’m partial to featuring this little item.

Channing was spotted in Diesel jeans out at about at Comic-Con (which has become quite the fashion show in the past few years, might I add). Dudes are quite into designer jeans and these are quite the pair because they fit my Commandments For Jeans For Men:

  • Thou shalt not wear jeans with a leg opening skinnier than mine. If you have to point your toe to get into them, I say nay, step away.
  • Thou shalt wear denim that is of a dark color nature. Blues, grey and black are approved. Deep purples and the like are reserved for rock stars. Any other color makes you too hipster for my taste.
  • Thou shalt wear a silhouette that fits without being too tight or too baggy. You know what I mean. Just look trim in the jeans without too much package delivery details or swimming in said denim.

Channing’s wearing the Diesel Viker 8WM jean, which is a dark wash (think gunmetal) and 100% cotton. They have leather applique, concealed buttons and are a five pocket style. Designer jeans for MEN who wear jeans, these jeans (and the gent wearing them) get my approval.

The jeans retail for $180 and you can buy them for your guy here. But only if this suits his style. Otherwise, there are tons of other options for your gent (and you, might I add.)


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