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Kristin Booker • August 19, 2010

Charitable Causes: Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles Brushed Metal Whistle ($44)

When my friend Sarah from StyleIt showed this to me today, I couldn’t help but make sure that you knew about this.

There is a program that started with a journal. Some individuals took a wandering trip that landed them in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they encountered five boys who had been released from captivity in the army. They told horrible stories of their abduction from their homes, where they were made to suffer horrible injustices and learn to kill. The children too small to carry a gun were given a special weapon: a whistle. The goal is to make enough noise to the point where they cause the first round of bullets and then they stand there…and absorb the gunshots. The journal entry states “With falling whistles, their only choice is to feign death or face it.”

News of this situation took legs across the world with a simple question: what can we do? And hence I bring this to you because the charity that has been founded to tell their story and send aid to these children, mere babies, to cry for peace. You can sound off your distaste for the situation by sending a message and wearing your own whistle, a sign of solidarity worn close to the heart that is a symbol of these children and what they must endure. The whistles range from $34 for the original metal version to $100 for a gold version. 100% of the proceeds from these whistles and t-shirts and your donations, no matter how small, goes to the charity’s behind the scenes work, partnerships with Congolese leaders, and a developing advocacy campaign.

Your giving supports our behind the scenes work, partnerships with Congolese leaders, and our developing advocacy campaign. Join us with Falling Whistles as we turn the noise of individual activism into music.

Watch the video. Go to the website for more information and then I beseech you to act. Sound the alarm. Blow the whistle on this type of injustice.

Go to the Falling Whistles site for more information.


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