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Kristin Booker • May 8, 2014

Charitable Chic: Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund Items

When I was a young girl, a neighborhood friend of mine lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer. I remember that time, the woman withering away in her own body in a time before society even really knew what ovarian cancer was. The memory of Jennifer’s mother passing away still haunts me, and when I see ways to help and get involved with this still little-known killer of women, I try to get involved immediately, especially when there are brands like Laura Mercier involved.

Since today is World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day, and Laura Mercier is tirelessly working to help shed a light on this terrifying killer, I wanted to suggest you take a look at two charitable products that help bring the plight to light.

Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Palette. Image courtesy of Laura Mercier.

Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Palette. Image courtesy of Laura Mercier.

The first is the stunning Bonne Mine Healthy Glow For Face and Cheeks Creme Colour Palette, which brings Mercier’s signature glowing skin together all in one easy, compact set so you can put your best face forward anytime you want. 100% of the proceeds of this palette go to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund, which works to fund research and education around this oft-whispered-about disease.

Strength candle.

Strength candle.

The other item is a gorgeous teal “Strength” votive candle in partnership with glassbaby, which will also donate 100% of the proceeds to the research fund.

Since Mother’s Day is *cough* really soon and you *cough* should think about getting a gift soon (because some of you haven’t done it, I still need to get Mom a card, to be honest.) A beautiful makeup palette and/or a beautiful candle that does some good in the world may be the way to go, right? Start shopping now, peeps. The time to act has come.


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