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Kristin Booker • June 8, 2011

Charitable Fashion: Celebrate National BFF Day And Support Our Troops With A Fun New Bracelet

My mother has many accessories that I love but one of my favorite pieces has always been her POW bracelet. She got it when she was living in Indianapolis as a young woman and working on an Army base.  The bracelet has the name, rank and serial number of an MIA solder in Vietnam. We have that bracelet in a special place of honor in my house as that gentleman was never found. I’m honored to have had the chance to wear it.

That being said, as the daughter of said Armed Services supporting mother and the very proud granddaughter of a World War II veteran, I’m obviously a big fan of any initiative that supports our troops, the countless thousands of men and women who risk and sacrifice their lives every day so that I may sleep soundly under the blanket of freedom. The bracelet I am now proud to wear that’s shown above is the BFF Bracelet.

Today if you didn’t know is National BFF Day, a day where we’re all wearing these bracelets to show our support of our troops through the BFF Bracelet Program. Each one-of-a-kind, camouflage-hued friendship bracelet includes the signature  BFF charm that contains a registration number. Once purchased, that number is sent to the Armed Forces to pair you with your new “BFF,” a soldier overseas. I can think of no better BFF to have than someone who would risk their life for me and does that every day, can you?

The  bracelet costs $10 and  25%  of the  proceeds will go to benefit the American Freedom Foundation. $10 to lift the spirits of a soldier away protecting our freedom? It’s the most fashionable thing you can do.

BFF Bracelet, available via the American Freedom Foundation


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