Kristin Booker • May 6, 2010

Cheap Thrill of the Day: The Rachel Zoe Project Season One and Two on DVD

We all know how much j’adore Rachel Zoe and my obsession with The Rachel Zoe Project knows no bounds (it’s the only show besides my beloved Kell on Earth that I saved on my DVR for months before I moved).

Well, after a trip to Target this past week, I’m happy to announce that Rachel, Rodger, Taylor’s bad attitude and Brad’s sensitive self can be seen in all their glory on DVD! The Rachel Zoe Project is available exclusively at Target and for a very, VERY cheap price (I picked mine up on Monday for $14 as part of a week-long promotion.

Fashion fans, stylish mavens and reality junkies, it’s HERE. No more wondering about craptastic television this summer! We’ve been saved!

The Rachel Zoe Project Season One and Season Two ($14.99 per season), available exclusively at Target in-store and online.


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