Kristin Booker • May 11, 2010

Cheap Thrill of the Day: U by Kotex Feminine Products

Ha! Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Ok, look – for those of us who have periods (and some of us have exclamation points), we need to know about good products that handle the situation and right now I am loving U by Kotex. You’ve seen the hilarious commercials that poke fun at advertising for feminine products (the racially-ambiguous girl with perfect hair in a white suit is my favorite) and if you haven’t picked them up, let me tell you: tried and tested ’em and they’re not only cost-effective but they work.

Plus, the tampons come in quick tear-away plastic packaging and are color-coded (so you know about how much absorbency you’re about to get) and the applicator is compact and genius: just pull the bottom out until you hear a little ‘click’ and it becomes a plunger. They’re discreet enough to hang out in any handbag (or in your hand if you’re making a dash for the Ladies at the office) and the absorbency is really amazing. They also make panty liners and pads so whatever your preference is, they’ve got something to cover it.

One of my personal loves about these products is the whole campaign: it’s been created to empower us to take control of their health and bodies. If you feel like you want to join the movement (no pun intended), sign the declaration and/or record an empowering statement on the site.  For every person who joins the movement, U by Kotex will make a $1 donation to Girls For A Change.

Look, if we’re going to have these things, we have to be able to share what works when that time of the month comes around. Let’s take the shame out of the game. If you ask me for a tampon, I’m going to hand you one of these. Period.

U by Kotex Feminine Hygiene Products, available at your local drugstore or drugstore.com


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