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Kristin Booker • September 28, 2010

Cinema Style: Our Night Out With Ed Burns in Support of His New Film, Nice Guy Johnny

Every once in a while, you get an invitation that you just can’t turn down. Last week, a group of us got such an invite: an opportunity to meet actor/director Ed Burns and screen his forthcoming film, Nice Guy Johnny. We also had a chance to meet the film’s leading lady, actress Kerry Bishe, who was also lovely and fun.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me personally, I should explain that I have an abnormal love of this man. Not only is he an extremely talented actor but as a director, his vision is truly sharp and unique. The Brothers McMullen is one of my all-time favorite movies and the chance to meet the man behind the lens on that piece of cinema was a dream come true. Ed is gracious, kind, funny and very “every man” when it comes to meeting star struck fans (he introduces himself as “Eddie” when you meet him.) I will admit this only to you because I love you, FSB readers: he’s so charming and handsome that in my attempts to appear suave and cool about the situation, I almost tripped over a chair trying to walk backwards as I was leaving our conversation. Yep, that’s me. Completely uncool when meeting celebs. There, the myth has been dispelled. Expect me to break a heel (or a limb) if I ever meet Robert DeNiro.

I digress. The most important piece of this item is the fact that we had a chance to screen the movie, which will be released via digital format rather than in theatres (which, if you’re in NYC, not only cuts down on cost but the fear of the bed bug epidemic) and it’s GOOD, people. Shot in just ten days and for an indie budget of $25,000 (Ed himself played caterer/craft service as well as director, manning the grill during food breaks.) Check out the trailer below and then stay tuned to the movie’s Facebook page to watch for more exciting news before the movie’s release on October 26th.

As for me, I’ll remember meeting one of my favorite actor/directors and will put the photo above right next to my DVD copy of his critically-acclaimed movie. There have been amazing moments that have been granted to me because of this site. I will definitely count meeting Ed Burns as one of them. Be sure to set your calendars, folks: check out Nice Guy Johnny!


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