Kristin Booker • December 12, 2009

Coach Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the holiday season, with all of its sparkle and shopping opportunities. I must say that I loooooove shopping for gifts. No, seriously, don’t look at me like that. It provides an opportunity to lose one’s mind in a store without feeling like people are judging you too harshly. I love it.

I’m starting the gift guides off with a bang in our inaugural year with America’s legendary luxury goods brand, Coach.  Have you been in a store lately? Coach is THE place to get accessories for yourself and others this holiday season. As you’re making your list and checking it twice, here are some must-have items from one of my favorite brands:

The Social Gadfly: We all know the girl who always seems to have the most jam-packed social life. Get your favorite girl-about-town something as sparking as her personality, like this fabulous Poppy Metallic Wristlet ($58.)

The Classically Tailored Friend/Mom/Mother-In-Law: For the woman who looks so put together she most likely irons her jeans, there’s only one fabulous tote worthy of such impeccable attention to detail: the Kristin Zip Top Tote ($698).

The Gossip Girl: Whether she’s running for coffee to discuss Brangelina’s latest rumors or she’s trying to decide which headband she might wear while ruling the world, this is someone who needs something stylish but timeless. The Madison Sabrina Bag ($358) will do nicely for her.

The Fashionista: She’s got every major boutique on speed dial and a million women would kill for her wardrobe. She needs a bag that can help her manage her front row lifestyle in a glamorous manner, which is why she needs this dazzling Leopard Sequins Large Claire ($1,200)

So head to your local Coach retailer or their website to get your holiday shop on. Oh, did I mention that I’m going to be giving one of these fabulous bags away? Mmmhmm. Details coming soon.

With all of these amazing bags and accessories for holiday and the clothing collection scheduled to show this February at Fashion Week, I am swooning over Coach and I’m sure you know a little someone this holiday season who would feel the same way about these fabulous bags. Onward to shopping, you gift giver, you!


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