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Kristin Booker • January 6, 2015

So, I Have The Flu…

There’s an old saying that God laughs when you tell him your plans. I came back from the holidays, all full of energy and ready to tackle this MASSIVE to-do list. I finished a photo shoot for this week’s Fitspiration on Saturday afternoon and walked outside to freezing rain and wet cold. I hopped into a cab, thinking, “I should get home before I get exposed to something awful.”

And the minute the cab turned the corner about a block away, the driver sneezed. And that next morning, I woke up sick. Because that’s kind of what happens to me.

It usually takes me a while to get ill, but this one hit me super fast. 1:45 am the following morning, I woke up complaining I couldn’t breathe. I kicked my boyfriend out of my apartment that morning around 11 am with an old war movie wounded whisper, like,  “Save yourself….go on without me..<cough-cough.>” I thought it was just a cold, but by 5 am Monday morning, I was like this:

It’s now Tuesday, and I’m taking matters into my own hands. Because a woman can’t live on DayQuil alone (although it’s helping tremendously,) I remembered I had a little item stashed just in case of such an emergency. People, if you even think that a cold or flu virus is going to get you, I beseech you to grab a bottle of Kiss My Face Shower Gel & Foaming Bath ($8.99.) I make myself a hot mug of tea and sink into this and it truly helps. My fever is starting to lower and I feel a million times better. Eucalyptus is no joke, and honestly, I needed that bath. I was starting to get pretty gross.



I’m sinking back into bed for a bit more rest, but between the DayQuil, the tea and this bubble bath, I should be on the mend soon. Oh, and miso soup. Miso can cure anything, I’m convinced. But get the bath gel first.




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