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Kristin Booker • October 23, 2012

COMING SOON: My Latest Obsession, the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection

The Refinery 29 for DKNY Capsule Collection LA Box Clutch. Image courtesy of DKNY.

So, full disclosure: I freelance for both DKNY and Refinery 29, which is why I’ve been PACING THE FLOOR to get a chance to show you this collection. Alas, that time has COME and it’s time!

Gals, let me show you the Refinery 29 for DKNY Capsule Collection, the ultimate chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter combination of the effortless cool girl chic of Refinery 29 married with my beloved urban warrior essentials of DKNY.

The collection has seven bags, created for each of Refinery 29’s city editions and the stylish women who inspire them every day. Each was carefully curated between both sides and each has features unique to the cities for which they were created.  Here’s a cool bit: there’s no overt label on any of the bags. The branding is all inside on the lining, in Refinery 29’s signature coral.

At the top, we have my Primary Target. Los Angeles has inspired The Box Clutch, perfect for the city’s laid-back chicsters. Graphic print, compact shape for nights out with a touch of naughty with that leather tassel on the side there.

The New York City Backpack from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

Then we have the utilitarian, hands-free style of the New York’s The Backpack. If you live in the city, you know two things: you have to have your hands free almost all the time to navigate the landscape and it’s imperative to have all your items with you when you leave the house for the day. This bag solves both problems with tons of hidden pockets in a sleek design. WANT.

The Chicago Tote from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

Chicago has The Tote – a sleek, towering shape that can handle a commute in the Windy City with effortless appeal. I also love the unique graphic print that speaks to the city’s skyscraper landscape and the dash of sunshine yellow at the base, so you can’t take it too seriously.


The Washington D.C. Crossbody from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

Washington, D.C. gals have to exude power but without sacrificing style, which is why the The Crossbody is a perfect bag. By day, you double the woven-leather chain strap for ladylike aplomb. At night, BAM, let the chain go across the body and head out for power cocktails with the girls. Note that slash of yellow at the base and that leather tassel as  nods to personal style, gals.

Miami The Mini Crossbody from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

Miami has a need for high style with less clothes, which means your bag had better WORK. This Mini Crossbody can double the strap or be worn across the body for day-to-night appeal, and the smaller shape is perfect for just the essentials. Love the pop of color in Refinery 29’s signature coral at the base. Muy caliente.

San Francisco The Satchel from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

San Francisco inspired The Satchel, a woven raffia-and-leather top handle bag with signature lining peeking out at the sides for an homage to the city’s love affair with red per the oxidized Golden Gate Bridge and beloved Chinatown. It’s eclectic and large enough to handle a day’s essentials, but chic enough for a dinner escape to South Beach or the wine country.

The London Chain Strap Clutch from the Refinery 29 for DKNY Collection. Image courtesy of DKNY.

Finally, we have The Chain Strap Clutch for merry olde London. I love this bag. Slip the chain strap inside the envelope style for a ladylike tea, then slide that puppy out for a night on the tiles. Bright pop of color, gorgeous chic print – what’s not to love, luv?

SO, if you can’t tell, I’m a bit excited about the release of this collection, so join me for a bag or two, will you? Set your calendars for when this amazing limited-release collection hits stores in the spring, exclusively in mid-Feb on and, as well as, then coming to Macy’s in March!


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