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Kristin Booker • January 25, 2010

Countdown to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: The Equinox Dress Size Challenge

They say that Christmas only comes once a year but for me it actually arrives three times. Obviously, it comes on December 25th but twice a year the tents come out and I start making my list and checking it twice. Those times are February and September and if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s New York Fashion Week.

While I’m coordinating show invitations, a contributing writing staff (all of whom you will meet soon) and the myriad of details that come with attending The Big Show, I made a decision right before the holidays that I wanted to add one more badge of honor to receiving my press pass (thanks, IMG!): I have to drop one dress size before Fashion Week.

I’ve already had people make comments regarding this personal challenge about the fashion industry and trying to get “model skinny” and I feel I should clarify that this is no different than someone wanting to look good for a wedding, a high school reunion or any other big event. Mine just happens to be Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I’m doing it for myself. I’m basically down an Olsen twin from my maximum weight of 241 lbs and, honestly, it’s just time to take off the rest of it. I have no illusions that I’ll lose all the remaining weight in the next three weeks but having started a couple of weeks ago, I think one dress size is completely doable.

How am I doing it? Diet and exercise. There are no magic bullets and I knew I needed some help, which is why I went to the good people of Equinox Fitness and signed up for a membership.

You want to know why I shell out money for a premium fitness facility? In my opinion, I want to make sure that every time I work out, I’m going to look forward to it. When I walk into my gym, I’m automatically the Happiest Member on Earth. Amazing classes, instructors who are deeply focused on results as well as safety and form, state-of-the-art machines (including a pool that has a resistance lane that simulates open current water for triathlon training), and that’s just the beginning. The Spa, the amazing instructors (Kristin McGee and Mardi Sykes teach at my facility – amazing) and personal trainers that are just as cute as they are effective (Taraji is the guy who will eventually show up in photos making me feel the burn).

So, I’ll be documenting my experiences to drop this dress size by posting a diet and exercise diary daily and hopefully if you need a little bit of inspiration to get cute for an event you’ll find it humorous and get some good ideas from it. Because this time when I walk into the Tents, I want to look as fierce as I feel. I want to have a total package look that says, “I’m the Editor of this fabulous site, people. Recognize.”


One Response to Countdown to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: The Equinox Dress Size Challenge

  1. Erika says:

    Wooohoo! You can do it! So excited for you – I know how much work it is! I lost 35 lbs last year and have kept it off for a year in March. Go girl!

    Wish we had Equinox around here – they sound awesome!

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