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Kristin Booker • May 11, 2012

Daily Reflection: 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

My mother, right before her Junior Prom.

So, this weekend is Mother’s Day. In the spirit of all things Mom love, many of you will get a chance to send cards, flowers, take your mothers out to dinner, etc. For those of you who aren’t particularly close to your mothers, take this weekend to celebrate other women who have made an impact on your life. At the end of the day, we should nurture the people who nurture us and sometimes that’s by birth…other times we create the families who serve us best.

I thought I would take a quick moment to celebrate the hilarious, quirky reasons I love my own mom. Here are some of the crazy things that make me love my own fashion-obsessed mom:

1) My mother believes in colors and prints in her wardrobe at all cost – If you go into the gigantic vault of clothing in our house, you will notice one thing: an explosion of colors and prints. My mother does not believe in monochromatic anything. Every color in the rainbow is represented. This means that when ANY color or print combination is “in”, she’s already got it covered.

2) My mother believes in “outfits” – In a kind of Garanimals-for-adults concept, my mom creates “looks” based on “color themes” every morning. She’s the original wardrobe stylist. She lays things out, tweaks, pulls things out of various closets and creates a look. This event occurs even when we’re just going to the movies. My mom believes getting dressed to leave the house for any occasion is an event.

3) My mother never throws anything away – One of the benefits of having this gigantic fashion packrat in my life is that I have a ridiculous wealth of vintage clothing from which to borrow at any time. My mother not only has multiple stashes of clothes, but she takes incredible care of everything. I live for the insane amounts of clothes in our house. The issue is when it comes to beauty products. I have to pry defunct products from her death grip. It’s a process to explain that eyeshadow does indeed have a shelf life.

4) My mom believes in dressing for events – We get DRESSED to go to dinner, the grocery store, the movies, shopping, etc.. People, this is one of the great arts of fashion – the ability to celebrate everyday life and to mark special occasions with clothes that seal the moment. If you take nothing away from this list, please just take this one: don’t wear jeans to everything. Throw on something special and celebrate the moment. Because clothes have the power to make even the most mundane activities into extraordinary moments.

5) Good shoes and good coats will last you a lifetime – My mother has a collection of shoes that would dare rival any closet from Cribs,  but she maintains each pair meticulously. All her coats are dry cleaned at the end of each season. As a result, she has that vintage closet I was talking about. Buy quality, take care of it.

6) Beauty routines are a must – My mom has the Sunday night ritual I’ve talked about, which she’s had for my entire life: hair, nails and face are prepared for the week. It’s been like this since I was a child and it’s something I’ve tried to mimic as an adult. I love this about her. She’s always prepared for Monday.

7) She’s a wealth of information and does not judge – From advice on cleaning with almost no money (bar soap and a bathtub of warm water can clean about one load of clothes, vinegar and newspaper will clean all glass surfaces) to advice on sex and relationships, I was told to ask her anything at any time as a child and I have taken her up on that to this day. As a result, I can gratefully say that I’ve never been embarrassed of my sexuality, my looks or my circumstances. It’s a practice I hope to repeat someday if I ever have kids.

8) She’s an expert mender – From the woman who taught me how to sew, she can whip almost anything back into shape. This also comes in handy when I’ve come apart as a person. From broken hearts to the past three years when my entire life has come apart and back together again, I’ve been fortunate to have someone who helps me stitch myself back together again.

9) She won’t let me get away with ANYTHING – You know how you think people get easier and let stuff slide as they get older? NOT MY MOM. Oh no. If I have a hair out of place, if my eyebrows look wrong, if I’ve got wrinkles on my dress, she is right there. In the journey of life where I feel like I have my foot to the pedal going as fast as I can, rest assured that there’s someone back there who will always call me out if I start to lose focus or slack off. NOTHING gets past her.

10) She loves me just the way I am – I came into this world a giant ball of hugging, artistic, rock-and-roll loving, leather-wearing energy and she has just let me be. My mom is the only person on this earth who knows every single thing about me and absolutely celebrates every little curly hair on my head. When I wanted to wear plaid and ruffles or make my own prom dress, she was right there buying fabric and taking photos. She’s my biggest fan and I love her for it.

Take time this weekend to celebrate the magic of your own mothers or those who nurture you in a maternal fashion. Maternal love is a gift. Cherish it.



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