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Kristin Booker • January 17, 2012

Daily Reflection: 6 Famous Quotes About Beauty

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If any of you are Facebook friends of mine (or of Fashion.Style.Beauty, which, if you’re not, I hope you will be) you know that I’m always in search of really smart, witty quotes to inspire my day. When speaking about beauty, there are a million opinions (and products, obviously) that claim to know exactly what’s up when it comes to you, how you look and how you should feel about how you look.

Yet, sometimes it’s important to take a moment and think about what beauty really means. Here are some famous opinion on beauty…and why sometimes it better to give your self-scrutiny in the mirror a break:

“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” – Ninon de L’Enclos

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old. For as you were when first your eye I eyed. Such seems your beauty still.” – William Shakespeare

“I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness.” – Karl Lagerfeld

“Makeup can only make you look pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up.” – Audrey Hepburn

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

“Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutly boring.” – Marilyn Monroe



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