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Kristin Booker • May 2, 2012

Daily Reflection: 7 Beauty Secrets That Don’t Cost A Dime

This is me with no makeup on.

People ask me about my skin all the time. In addition to having been born with great genetics, the skin I have now I have earned. I’ve been applying night creams and day creams and sunscreen (well, I admit that sunscreen not as regularly in the past as I have in the past five years) with an almost religious fervor since I was a teenager.

BUT, I have some secret beauty rituals that have always worked for me that will cost you little to nothing. In addition to the fervent application of eye cream (DO IT,) and removing your makeup before you work out (A MUST) or you go to sleep (I MEAN IT), here are some of my favorite beauty secrets:

1) Laughter – A good belly laugh once a day is SO good for you. It relieves stress, releases endorphins that help regulate the body, and relaxes the mind as well as the face. Yes, you will probably get laugh lines from it eventually. I happen to think laugh lines are sexy, so my reply to concerns about them is to laugh at you. See how easy that was?

2) Let things go – At the end of the day, I have a journal and I write down anything that is wigging me out, stressing me out, and/or the names of the people whose bodies I might have to hide later. But after I write it down, I don’t think about it again. I don’t believe in dwelling on things at night. It interrupts my sleep and I don’t let ANYTHING disrupt my sleep. Speaking of which…

3) Get more sleep – Your body HAS to repair itself, which makes sleep so incredibly vital. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from a minimum of seven hours of shut-eye a night needs to GO.  I slather on enough creams to hydrate the Western world and then I’m out like a light. The only reason you should stay up well into the night is, well, the company of another person with whom you’re naked. That rosy glow you’ll get is worth the occasional loss of sleep.

4) Downward-facing dog and meditation – Yoga has not only transformed my life, but it has greatly improved the condition of my skin. I don’t know if hanging upside down has an anti-gravity effect on the skin, but a good yoga class or two a week gives me a glowing, gorgeous complexion. I actually practice downward-facing dog at night before I go to sleep and right before I meditate. Yep, that’s right. I meditate twice a day: 15 minutes in the morning when I get up, 15 minutes before I go to bed (after writing in the journal I mentioned above.) The peace of mind makes its way to my face every time.

5) Put yourself first – I wake up every day with a gigantic to-do list, but I am always first on this list now. Exercise, time with friends every day, calling my family, watching tv (I only watch one hour of tv a day; I know, it’s weird,) and pampering myself means that I have the peace of mind to handle everything else on my list. You know what else is part of putting yourself first? Eating right. Processed crap and excessive nastiness causes SO many skin problems. Don’t eat crap or at least minimize your intake of it.

6) Stop worrying about your skin so much – You know my philosophy: the less you do to your skin, the less you will have to do to your skin. The gentle handling of your skin and realizing what you can and can’t control will decrease worry and the resulting lines and issues. Stress gives you wrinkles and a dull complexion. Don’t stress.

7) Be happy – Let me just say this to close: there is no cosmetic on earth that can mask misery. Even though your mind knows how to lie, your body can’t: the condition of your state of being will always show up in the condition of your skin in some way. The reason my skin glows? I’m a very happy person. Joy is the best makeup you can have, passion makes for the best blush, and peace of mind is the only thing that will delay frown lines and wrinkles.

There you have it. Now, go forth and practice these principles for a great complexion.

You glow, girl.


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