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Kristin Booker • June 11, 2012

Daily Reflection: A Love Letter To My Former Self

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My birthday was on June 9th and I spent the majority of it on an airplane coming back from Los Angeles where I was a guest of an incredible press trip (more on that later.) I wrote this to myself on the plane. Maybe you’ll be inspired to write a letter of your own:

Dear Former Self,

So, today is our birthday. As I look back on all the things that we’ve gone through, I wanted to write you this little thank-you note for everything you’ve done to get me through what was arguably the most complicated five years of our life. The things that you endured cannot be listed in full without taking up the entire notebook, but I thought I would call out a few things that you did that were just extraordinary.

I want to thank you for finding the strength every day to carry an extra 80 pounds of body weight. Surely the pain that led you to overeating and drinking to incredible excess was complicated enough, but to have to physically carry that suit of armor around with you was so difficult and uncomfortable. I just want to thank you for figuring out how to get dressed, put on lipstick and face the day every day. Because there were many days where just getting out of bed was hard.

I want to thank you for figuring out that writing was really what we wanted to do and for mustering the courage from somewhere to follow that dream. It was a battle hard won, but look where we are now. We’ve lost almost everything multiple times to get here, but nothing that we wouldn’t trade to be here now. So thanks for toughing that out. It means a lot.

I’d like to thank you for finally figuring out that we’re worth so much more than all the broken hearts we’ve suffered, that there is a man out there who is just waiting for someone worthwhile like us. I also want to thank you for the realization that to be worthy of such a person, we have to be willing to make some changes, accept some things, change others and generally be open to meeting him. I’d also like to thank you for making the decision to embrace our own natural beauty and not consistently pick at our body image. That makes things so much easier.

I just want to acknowledge all of the things you’ve done. You’ve switched careers, you made it through a lot of heartache, failed jobs, failed businesses, broken heels, bad hairstyles (and even worse eyebrows) and basically here we are, standing ready to go to the next phase of life. We’re stronger, more adjusted and better equipped to handle all of the amazing things that are coming…and I have you to thank for that.

So, now I’m going to give you, Former Self, the thing you’ve always wanted: a break. It’s finally time for you to rest because you don’t have to protect us anymore. Things are really good now and I have you to thank for that. You’re an amazing person and I thank you for every single thing you’ve done.

And you can rest now. I’ve got it from here.

Love always,

Me, my Present and Future Self


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