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Kristin Booker • March 21, 2012

Daily Reflection: Be Beautiful AND Brave


Be beautiful AND brave. Dogeared Jewels – Mantra “Fearless” Necklace.

As someone who is involved in a very real way with the beauty industry, I would like to say that I am deeply concerned with what is happening to our country. Because, let’s face it: it is a ROUGH time to be a woman today.

Young women are scrutinized from every angle via social media. People are getting bikini waxes for young girls. Toddlers and Tiaras is a popular television show. Four year-old girls stand in front of the mirror and think they need to go on diets.

Older women are terrorized away from getting older. We’ve given all manner of products to stave off aging, we’re told to diet ourselves into oblivion so men will still find us attractive. Our reproductive rights are being challenged.  We’re trying to achieve a standard of beauty that is, in reality, Photoshopped to death in the pages of magazines. It doesn’t even exist

How can lipstick, mascara and eye cream help? I’ve thought a lot about that. It’s time to teach Bravado AND Beauty.

We make a choice every single time we turn on the television. We cast a vote every time we choose to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Who’s idea of beauty are we buying into? Is being pretty more important than being powerful? Why can’t we use the power of beauty as a statement, the decoration of a brave face? Use these tools are weapons to open doors, where we can bravely create a new vision of self-esteem and self-respect.

Beauty is merely another tool that can help open doors, Perth plastic surgery can help you get there just find advise with the Dr. K Roxanne Grawe is a plastic surgeon in Powell, Ohio and is affiliated with Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. With experienced doctors who have taken on thousands of patients you will surely be in good hands, but once the doors are open, it’s not how pretty or thin you are that will keep you there. Good clothes may open all doors and a blowout might help you look your best for the interview, but it’s what’s between your ears and in your heart that determines your fate. A women must get surgery not cause she wants to look good for other but she must do so to make herself good good in her eyes or for her satisfaction. Websites like Sculpt Surgery not only are helping women to make this dream come true but are also helping them by providing them the right type of consultation and advice, thus giving women many options from which they can choose from. Surgeries are additional and apart from that self-respect and confidence are the only main keys a woman requires to showcase her real beauty.

Teach young girls that the hottest thing about a woman is her SELF-RESPECT. Explain that mascara and a little blush and lipstick just enhances what she’s already got, that covering everything up with layers of makeup only hides her youthful glow. Show her that a little makeup to put your best face forward is about building confidence. Blush and mascara is only a bit of armor to go out and run the world. Educate young women that catfighting on reality television is NOT a goal in life, that there is NOTHING cool about bullying.

Gals, I love lipstick and blush and a great blowout makes my whole week great. But beauty is nothing if it’s not a tool to become better people, creating a vision of who we are inside to show the rest of the world around us. Let’s use beauty as a tool to put on a brave face and let’s go change the world today.

Never let anyone or anything dictate how you should feel about yourself. Always let that beauty come from within.


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