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Kristin Booker • April 16, 2012

Daily Reflection: Celebrate Your Best Friends

Best Friend Heart Necklace by While Lilie Designs, an Etsy retailer.

Today is Monday and it’s a day where you get back to your daily grind. It’s also a day where you’ll probably lean on your most important resources: your best friends.

Who are, in my opinion, one of the greatest necessities in life these days.

I think over the past year, I’ve learned more about the concept and the power of real, true friendship than I ever have. As someone who used to pride herself on having a large amount of friends, last year was the true test of who my friends really are, and I have to say that the very best emerged to the top. Small in number, they are people who make my heart sing.

I won’t call them out by name, but they’ll know who they are. There’s the amazingly strong business associate of mine who always supports and pushes me to be better. There’s my impossibly stylish friend with a heart of gold who gives me a sharp stiletto to my backside when I need it. There’s my longest-standing friend who always just shows up in the absolute darkest hour with the most generous solution. There’s my sweet, adorable friend who gave me support and used heavy doses of heart and sarcasm to help me find myself again.

I love my uber-fabulous Glam Squadron of lovely men who encouraged me to embrace myself in the now and to let go of the past (especially the wardrobe.)  There are my long-distance support team who I speak to via chat who always encourage me to just let myself shine through in the darkest hour. Then there are the people who returned to my life who I thought would never come back. This was also the year that I met a new person, the friend who checks in every single day and has shown me what it means to celebrate yourself, flaws and all.

I’m eternally grateful for every single person who has shown me what the true power of real friendship is. Now is the time to celebrate the people who really matter in life. It’s also time to recognize that the most important friendship you will ever have is with yourself. The #1 slot belong to you.

I was explaining yesterday about my experience in developing this beautiful circle of friends. The people with which you surround yourself are basically your personal Board of Directors. Only bring close to your heart the people who will tell you the truth, will want everything for you that they want for themselves, and who will do nothing short of telling you where to hide a body to make sure that you become everything you want to be.

Oh, and it’s also the time to evaluate the friends you have. People change, you’ll change. Sometimes relationships are meant to end and new ones should be forged. Take a second to consider if the people in your life are everything you need.

It’s time to celebrate the friends who will carry you through the bad times, celebrate the good times and generally be there in every other time.

True friends are hard to find in this world. Celebrate yours.


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