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Kristin Booker • April 8, 2012

Daily Reflection: Decide to Have A Great Day

Hey, every little bit counts to ward off the evil side eye. Andrew Hamilton Crawford Evil Eye Necklace.

Today is Easter and a great reminder of the feeling of having a spirit of renewal. It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jewish or not exactly all that religious, there’s something so powerful about the ability to start fresh, understanding that what’s behind you is really behind you and that you can make today, tomorrow and the rest of your time anything you want.

In short, you get to start with a whole new attitude toward things (a good one, mind you,) which is enough to sway A LOT of situations in your favor.

One of the most frustrating things to watch is people go from a day feeling on top of the world to realizing that today is “back to the grind.” Don’t let the joy of what you’re feeling today go away. You alone have the power to embrace with all your might everything you love about your life and to change the things you don’t.

Those people who live those amazing lives? They’re different. Want to know how? It’s not that they’re prettier/smarter/thinner/richer than you are. Every morning, those people who are so happy you sometimes want to stomp on their rainbow have a key difference: they make the ACTIVE CHOICE to be happy and to dance like nobody’s looking, like Christopher Walken in the Fatboy Slim video, “Weapon of Choice”…

OK, Kristin, you’re saying, so if I wake up tomorrow and say “Things will be awesome today,” does that mean things will stop being “wrong?” Well, that’s up to you, cupcake. If you make the active choice to embrace all those challenges and not look to ANYTHING good, I will guarantee your day is going to suck. Perhaps try, “Today will not suck NO MATTER WHAT,” and then keep that mindset NO MATTER WHAT, chances are things won’t bother you as badly as you think.

And if nothing else motivates you, think about how your cheerful mindset will really irritate the people who upset you most. Bet you’re smiling now.

You can change pretty much anything you want if you want to badly enough. Take that spirit of renewal and go forth. Reward yourself with a fabulous new pair of shoes if you can keep this up, but having tried it myself, I’ll tell you that somehow, the rewards are even cooler than a new pair of shoes..

And for ME to say that ANYTHING is better than a fabulous new pair of shoes is SAYING SOMETHING.


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