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Kristin Booker • January 25, 2012

Daily Reflection: Don’t Be Sorry, It’s Human Nature

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Today’s reflection is short and sweet. It’s about people who get offended when you’re “a little too much.” How many of you have ever felt that you have to dim your light, hold back or otherwise turn the volume down on your personality because people have told you to just hold back? That you’re “too much,” “too big of a personality,” “too loud” or “a lot to handle.”

Stop. Doing. That. As in, right now.

You wonder why so many women start overeating so we won’t speak our truth. We start dressing in “safe” clothing, we accept the limitations other people have put on us, and then we cajole other women to do the same, to start marching in line. As a result, we’re miserable, back-biting specimens who take way more crap than we should.

Just for today, explore what it would be like if you spoke your mind, wore what you wanted and did exactly as you pleased. Short of causing harm to others or doing something destructive (don’t tell your boss to suck it,) wear something really bold, say something outrageous and STOP MAKING OTHER PEOPLE COMFORTABLE AROUND YOU. You weren’t put on Earth to please everyone. Comfort is an easy chair. They’re a grown-up in the Real World. They’ll have to deal with you and your life on your life’s terms.

For today, be bigger than you thought possible. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do something, that you’re ideas are silly, that your desires don’t matter or that you shouldn’t be speaking your truth. It’s about you now.

As Madonna, our patron saint of Women Who Do Exactly What They Want, says: “And I’m not sorry/It’s Human Nature.”

Furthermore, repeat after Madonna today: “I’m not your b*tch, don’t hang your s*^t on me.”

Amplified IKONS Madonna T-Shirt, available via Asos


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