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Kristin Booker • March 7, 2012

Daily Reflection: Don’t Grow Old, Grow Better

The ultimate look-good-at-any-age weapon - a Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress in Python

We are terrified of aging in this country. Our youth-obsessed culture wants to put people out to pasture the minute they cross the 40-year mark. We slather creams on our wrinkles, we starve our bodies because we refuse to believe in the inevitable – that we’re aging.

This is really no way to live, people.

I am the first to admit that things on my body have gotten softer as I get older. The sides of my face are starting to head south and it’s harder to get rid of batwings under my arms. I could start an all-out war on these things every single day…

…or I could accept that I look GOOD at any age and move on with my life. I think I’m getting sexier as I get older. I don’t WANT to look like my 20-something year old self. I just want to look like the hottest version of myself RIGHT NOW.

I think there’s something so sexy about us as we get older, ladies. We know what to do with our bodies now. We know what pleases us in and outside the bedroom. Let’s adorn ourselves appropriately and move on. A little hair color here and there, possibly an eye cream to keep things from appearing too dry, but let’s celebrate the skin we’re in.

Let’s not grow old. Let’s take a stand right now – we’ll grow better. You know when the war against ageism against women will end? The day we decide to stop it. Let’s get together and do that…TODAY.


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