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Kristin Booker • March 2, 2012

Daily Reflection: Don’t Hate The Pretty Girls

Danielle Stevens Pretty Evil Eye Necklace ($45), via Max & Chloe

When I was in high school and college, there always appeared to be this pack of girls for whom everything appeared to be so easy. In high school, it was the majorette and cheerleading crew. In college, it was a certain sorority. These girls seemed to have been born into blessings: pretty, all the boys would run over you to date them (which actually happened to me at a party once, no lie) and they had every single thing they seemed to want. Gorgeous dresses, sports cars, the attention of the most attractive men, money, etc. They were beautiful, carefree and, at given points in my history, I can honestly say that I was incredibly jealous of them.

Cut to a decade or so later and these people who I barely thought knew my name in high school and college have now reconnected with me via social media. Turns out none of their lives were as carefree as one would think. A few of them have battled cancer. A good number have divorced and remarried. They’ve lost children, parents, relatives in car accidents and other tragic moments. A few of them have admitted to childhoods scarred by abuse.  It changes things when you look at the beautiful through the lens of reality. They seem more, well, lovely.

One of them had an interesting observation during our conversations. When I told her that I was always in awe of how pretty she was, she said, “Well, you know, everyone always thought you were so incredibly pretty and smart.” When I, incredulous at the compliment, asked why none of them ever reached out to me, she said, “We just figured you thought you were too cool to hang out with us.”

I guess perspective is everything.

Every person has struggles, everyone has their insecurities. Appreciate the outside, but look deeper to the inside. That’s where true beauty lies.



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