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Kristin Booker • March 16, 2012

Daily Reflection: Don’t Stare At Closed Doors

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One of the reasons we gain weight or become stagnant in life is fear of failure. We lose a job, a parent, a child or other loved one. We go out for something and fail. We ask for something and don’t receive it. We extend love and it doesn’t work out.

We become afraid. Something we wanted has been taken from us.

And there we are, standing there in front of the closed door, staring at it and not sure what to do. Many of us will stand there staring at that door for much longer than we should. We stop growing, we stop trying – we give up because whatever we wanted is not available to us.

I’m here to tell you that the closed door does mean something, but it doesn’t have to mean everything.

I cannot tell you how many doors have been slammed in my face. As a writer, I get rejected every single day. I mean that – pitches for articles, ideas for books, events, etc. I also just closed the door on a relationship with a man I considered the love of my life. I’ve stood in front of those door periodically, staring at them for too long, paralyzed with fear, not sure how to move on.

What I’ve learned is that you have to keep it moving and find a new door. Dream another dream. Decide upon a new journey and be deliberate about it. Figure out which bigger, better door can be opened and go knock on that one. Maybe you’ve learned a new way to get what you want from the experience, a whole new way to make the world your own.

This metaphor can also be applied to a real door – your closet door. Do you have a whole wardrobe of friends that make it easy for you to get dressed in the morning or do you go for the same sweats that live on the floor? Open that closet door wide and make a plan to make it the best door in your house. Don’t be scared of your own wardrobe – you’re in command here. Rid yourself of clothes that don’t serve you, only surround yourself with ones that do.

No more staring at closed doors.Don’t stay fixated on the pain of the past in fear of tomorrow. Tomorrow is here and your bright future is knocking. Go answer THAT door.



One Response to Daily Reflection: Don’t Stare At Closed Doors

  1. Patty says:

    WOW…..this reflection could not have come at a better time. I have a door that needs to be opened but because of fear it cannot. I needed this inspiration!! Thank you!!

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