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Kristin Booker • March 23, 2012

Daily Reflection: Give Yourself A Break

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I am someone who is impossibly driven for results. I work 16-hours days most week and I am trying really hard, like most people, to see my dreams come to fruition. Sometimes I get to Fridays and I want there to be a ticker tape parade for all the amazing things that happened that week.

And then sometimes I just want to take a break, which is what I’m doing this weekend.

I think it’s important for anyone who is driving for results to know exactly when to back off. When you’re working out and you over train, you can actually gain weight or injure yourself. When you work too much, the quality of what you’re doing eventually suffers at a certain point. Just because you want life to happen doesn’t always mean that it will go your way all the time. Which is when it’s time to back up, take a break and come back with fresh perspective.

Living life on life’s terms means that sometimes you get to a place of “no.” Which is exactly when you need to step back, and realize that something better is around the corner.

So, I encourage anyone who is tired, overworked or slightly down to step back, take a break, maybe take a bubble bath and give yourself some time to regroup, rethink and come back swinging. It’s the beginning of spring and it’s time for once in our adulthoods to go outside and play.

Take a break. Start fresh Monday. Enjoy.



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