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Kristin Booker • February 20, 2012

Daily Reflection: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

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We live in a world of comparisons, a time where we’re obsessed with metrics. We want to know if the woman next to us got a better promotion, if the guy down the way is making more money, if someone we deem as less deserving than us is getting something more than we are. We’re concerned with who’s doing what, who’s getting more, who’s better off than we are.

Folks, I’m all for a little healthy competition, but you can’t see how to move forward if you’re always looking in any other direction but in front of you. You will trip and fall if you’re not looking in the right direction, which is FORWARD.

Look, I used to do this. I used to be concerned with what people in my industry were getting invited to what and who was  hanging out with who and was someone thinner/prettier/smarter than me. And then I realized something really important: I’m not that person. I’m me and I only know how to be the best version of myself. If I put more energy into  making myself as amazing as I really hope to be someday, maybe I’d actually get there. And so I did and I have to tell you, I am SO much happier.

It’s so easy to focus on someone else’s weight loss, their great designer bag collection or their amazing gifts that can make you practically apoplectic with envy for a second. That’s awesome for them. Begrudge no man anything. But use that as fuel to figure out what you really want, then put your head down and get after getting it.

You have to stay focused on yourself because if you’re really busy making your dreams come true, you don’t have the TIME to be worried about anyone else.

Stay focused. Eyes on the prize.



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  1. Kristin,


    I think, especially in the world of blogging (and doubly so in that of fashion and lifestyle blogging), we spend WAY too much time obsessing over what others are doing, how much traffic that site has, what brand gig she got, etc., that we forget what we need to focus on: ourselves.

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