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Kristin Booker • January 30, 2012

Daily Reflection: Pick Your Friends Like You Pick Your Clothes

Ariel Gordon Best Friend Necklace, available via Max & Chloe

I feel like we use the word “friend” very loosely lately. We have thousands of “friends” on Facebook and a menagerie of individuals with whom we spend time. However, how many of these people are really our true friends and, most important, do they suit us?

This might sound like a really vain view of friendship but let’s be honest: we’ve all encountered a point in our lives where our friends didn’t necessarily fit. A well-edited life (which includes a well-edited closet) requires consideration as to which individuals/items are beloved and still serving their purpose, in need or repair, or just plain wrong and in need of purging.

Let’s consider how to curate a great group of friends, much like the best wardrobe items in a killer wardrobe:

The Little Black Dress friend – This is the person you keep closest to your heart, your tried and true friend. She’s the one who always gives great advice and is the stabilizing influence in your life. Like a great LBD, you might have to alter the relationship (you move, either of you get married) but you’ll keep her forever because she always delivers. She’s sensible but sexy and a little sassy.

The Cozy Sweater friend – The friend who is just so comfortable to be around, you can be goofy with her. This is your silly movie date friend, the one you invite over to dance around your house while you unpack your apartment. She’s the one you call in full-on freak out mode because you know she will just chill you out.

The Seriously Fabulous Pair of Killer Shoes friend – This is girl who’s going to take you out after a breakup, the one who will arrive at your apartment post-breakup with reservations to the hottest workout in town and then dinner reservations at a trendy spot where you can see and be scene. She will support your vanity, she will discourage any self-wallowing and she will constantly remind you how fabulous you really are. She’s not perfect for every day, but when you need her, she never disappoints.

The Leather Jacket friend – This is the girl who will tell you to break the rules, who supports your wild ideas. Want to open a coffee shop/summer camp in Bali that teaches underwater oil painting? She will not only cheer you on, but she will help you find investors. This is also your brutally honest buddy, the one you would want at your back in any kind of fight but who will immediately tell you about yourself when you need it.

The Lace Lingerie friend – Everyone needs one friend that reminds her of how romance is really important in your life. She will always go to a chick flick with you, she will insist that you get a bra that fits, she will march you down to get a bikini wax and she will cheer you on as you search for love. Eternally optimistic, she’s in love with love and will demand that you keep your heart – and options – open.

The Investment Bag friend – This represents your gay boyfriend, which EVERY GIRL NEEDS ONE. Your GBF is always going to help you shop for the perfect wow-me item, will hug and kiss you all the time and tell you how fabulous you are, and will always support your quest for sartorial, luxurious items like the perfect man, the perfect house and – shocker- the perfect designer handbag. They will co-sign on your most ridiculous sartorial pursuits and will always insist that you keep your standards high.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans friend – This is the most special kind of friend, because it takes a long time to find that perfect pair of jeans. But when you find them, you hold onto them for dear life because they’re there through every situation, good or bad. That perfect friend (and pair of jeans) will never let you down, will make you feel like a goddess in any situation and will support you for all your days together. They always say buy multiple pairs but as with any friends, you’ll find one or two are really all you need to be completely happy.

Which friend are you? Which friends do you need? Who in your life no longer fits?

Maybe it’s time to survey your wardrobe of friends and see which items need tending. Because a killer wardrobe of friends, like a killer wardrobe of clothing, is the only way to get through life.

Ariel Gordon Best Friend Necklace, available via Max & Chloe


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  1. Susan says:

    Love this article and the fabulous necklace!

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