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Kristin Booker • January 24, 2012

Daily Reflection: Stop Reading Your Horoscope For A While


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I am someone who has, in the past, incessantly referred to her daily horoscope. I used to have it appear in my Twitter feed, I had to read it before I went to the bathroom in the morning, and then I constantly referred back to it multiple times a day. Susan Miller’s monthly synopsis of what was going to happen to my sign ruled my life.

It occurred to me recently the reason why I read my horoscope: I’m a bit of a fear junkie and a huge control freak. If I was feeling anxious (would it be a good day? wouldn’t it?) I looked for my horoscope to tell me that everything was going to be stellar. I wanted to know in advance if today was going to be complicated so I could be on guard, on my toes just in case. If today was going to rain down complications, I wanted to pack an umbrella and wear wading boots – preferably leather with a 4-inch heel.

Except that’s never how it works out, is it? I’ve never once read a daily horoscope that said, “Everything is absolutely going to go your way today. Take full advantage of the fact that not one single thing is going to go wrong. Stop freaking out and go have a great day!” If you’ve read such a horoscope, that’s awesome, but in at least three decades of reading the forecast for my sign, I have never encountered such a thing.

Which is why I realized that a daily dose of Things To Freak Out About isn’t a good practice. Whether or not people will suck today, that my relationships will be okay and that I’ll be able to handle whatever comes my way, I just trust that whatever happens, I’m a total fashion-loving, lipstick-wearing ninja badass – I can handle it.

So, if like me you have some issues with fear and control, maybe ween yourself off your horoscope for a while. The stars, the moons, the planets, forces of nature, people being people – they’re all just forces that demand that we believe in ourselves and our ability to find our place no matter what the day brings.

Because, somehow gratefully – albeit, sometimes not so gracefully -we always do.

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