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Kristin Booker • March 9, 2012

Daily Reflection: Stylish Advice From My Mom

Mom's newest favorite nail lacquer - NARS Opaque Nail Polish in Dovima

This might make me tragically uncool, but I really don’t care: I think my mom is the coolest woman on the planet.

My mom, my original style icon, my sage and my Jedi master – she’s always full of great advice on all things. I thought it would be fun to drop some of the science I’ve learned from the Mommanista on you today:

“Only touch it once.” – Originally applied to cleaning, it means that when you pick something up, you have to DO something with it. Also easily applied to organizing closets, cleaning houses, and answering email.

“The less you do to your face, the less you will HAVE to do to your face.” – The most vital lesson learned when caring for my skin as a pre-teen, this is INVALUABLE advice at any age. Leave your skin alone and it will take less effort.

“People see what you’re not saying.” – It means that how you feel about yourself projects past what you’re wearing. Don’t just select what you wear, forge the attitude to which you wish others to respond.

“Always buy the best you can afford.” – The money spent on a good investment piece will reap LOADS of benefits over a closet full of highly-flammable materials of bad quality. Invest in the essentials, use the cash for the one-season-only trendy stuff.

“Whatever you sign your name to is your legacy.” – A lesson taught to my mom by her father (the coolest man EVER, God rest his soul,) it’s the reason I really try hard to make sure that what you read on this site helps inspire you to feel and be your best all the time.

“Mind your hands every Sunday.” – It’s true: manicured hands are a sign of self-love and self-respect. My mom does her hair and her nails every single Sunday night and has since before I was born. It’s a ritual I’ve adopted and it’s served me well.

 “No one knows how little you know until you open your mouth.” – The best advice ever. If you don’t know, shut up and learn.

“She’s just jealous of you.” – I didn’t realize that bullying was a sign of self-hatred and lack of confidence until I was older. I also think it shows a lack of intelligence. If you spent as much time working on getting for yourself the things for which you hate other people, you’d have them by now, wouldn’t you? Jealous people bore me.

The number one piece of advice?

“Don’t dress for other people. Dress for yourself.” – Advice I have followed my entire quirky-clothed way through life.

Hoepfully, this Mom moment helped you this morning. Go forth and make it a good one!



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