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Kristin Booker • May 25, 2012

Daily Reflection: The Absolute Beauty of an Empty Calendar

One of my favorite ways to relax: the deep pore-cleansing, amazing Eve Lom Rescue Mask.

Before I take off for Memorial Day, I wanted to drop a quick thought. When I asked most people about what they were doing this weekend, a whole slew of plans came forth: cookouts, brunches, getting together with friends, travel plans, etc. When people asked me what I was doing this weekend, for the first time ever I replied, “I have no plans.”

That might sound somewhat sad on the outside, but don’t cry for me, Argentina. My schedule for the past three months has been gratefully packed to the walls and it will be even busier when I get back. Which is why I have scheduled exactly four days of absolute nothingness. I might watch tv, I might catch a couple of movies. I might spend a little time with friends, I might grab a bite or two. But the beauty is that I don’t have anywhere I have to be this weekend. No rushing to any commitments, no one is waiting on me to do anything.

Which, you know, kind of rocks:

Even if you find yourself with a social schedule that is literally packed from start to finish, block out some empty space on your calendar and just be there. Whatever you do with that block of time is just yours. Maybe take your girlfriends out for drinks and catch up. Just don’t be surprised if this happens:

But whatever you do with your time, relax and enjoy. You deserve a break and whatever you do with that break is totally up to you.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


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