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Kristin Booker • March 26, 2012

Daily Reflection: The Naked Face

This is me with no makeup on.

I had something planned for this morning’s Daily Reflection, but my girl Alexis Wolfer inspired me with her Makeup Free Mondays concept so much that I wanted to write about it.

I have on absolutely NO makeup in this photo. No concealer, no hair products, no mascara, nothing. I have on my morning routine of daily serums and moisturizer with SPF (no tint), but nothing else.

Sarah Jessica Parker shot a scene in the first Sex and The City movie with absolutely no makeup (the scene where Carrie lands in Mexico and takes off her sunglasses to splash water on her face after being jilted by Mr. Big.) She said that people commended her for being so brave as to not wear makeup in that scene, to which she answered that she didn’t really think of it as brave, that she wanted people to see Carrie as raw and real as possible in that scene. She said it was her version of doing a nude scene. It’s one of my favorites images of the style icon and one of the best images on celluloid.

My favorite book of celebs with no makeup - Women Before 10 AM, by Veronique Vial

I do believe that a woman’s naked face is one of the most amazing, real and beautiful images anyone can see. Because without all the products, underneath the concealer is a story, a tale of the journey you’ve taken through life. Letting people see you – ALL of you – without coverage or the brave mask we wear every day, is sometimes an excellent exercise in bravado. Without anything to hide behind, you expose yourself – flaws and all – to the world.

So, this is my version of putting on a brave face. No makeup, no blowouts, no concealer – just my real face. I’m not advocating that you abandon all your products. Just that every once in a while, you might let your guard down..

…and let people see the real you.



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