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Kristin Booker • February 21, 2012

Daily Reflection: Throw Away The Jeans You Had In High School

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Every woman has a particular wardrobe item from her past that beckons to her like a lost lover.” Come back to me,” it seems to say. “Remember how HOT you looked when you could wear me? We were THE BOMB together.”

<sigh> It can be a dress, a pair of jeans, a jacket, a bathing suit. There was some moment marked by this wardrobe item, something sewn to it in your mind that makes you hang onto it. For the Day You Get Into It Again.

Yet, like all complicated relationships, that beckoning can turn to mocking at some point. Every time you look at it while you’re eating a cupcake, it’s snarling at you. “See? You’ll never get back into me again. Some willpower you have.” While that should save you from a cupcake or two, it shouldn’t bring you down to the point where your whole life is about taking unnatural measures to fit into this wardrobe item.

See, that pair of jeans/bathing suit/dress is kind of like a relationship with an ex. It seems really sexy and glorified when you’re out of it, but then you realize that you have to become who you were when you were in said pair of jeans/dress/bathing suit to get back into it. You would have to regress to the person you were years ago, when you didn’t know any better. You’re a wiser woman now – with boobs…and hips..and a brain.

Let go of that pair of jeans/dress/bathing suit. It’s kind of like all relationships – by the time you evolve and drop the weight or accept yourself, it’s probably out of style anyway. And what girl doesn’t love the thrill of a new love…or a new look?

Oh, and this is a little tip from you to me (and NO ONE is paying me to say this) – go to your local Levi’s store and get fitted for a pair of Curve ID jeans. Not only are they measured to fit you, they’re fresh, new and amazing and will love you right back. Take THAT, old jeans.


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