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Kristin Booker • January 31, 2012

Daily Reflection: Treat Yourself Every Day


Celine Luggage Mini in Canvas Cream. Image courtesy of Celine.

Now, obviously, this Celine Luggage Mini in Canvas Cream is a bit much for an everyday treat, but I like to dream big, so, you know, there it is. I have loved these exquisite works of art since they were released and I really, really want one of these luxury handbag works of art.

Someday, there will be a Celine bag in my possession and I will love it like a firstborn child. Which I will obviously love my firstborn child more than the bag if and when I ever have them. But, truthfully, I want the bag first. 🙂

Ok, back to the post.

I am a woman who truly believes in rewarding yourself. I lived for gold stars and smiley stickers in grammar school, wanted the accolades that came with being a good student and a great kid. As an adult, those treats became fewer and far between (“You showed up for work today? AND?”) and the effort is WAY harder. I think it’s kind of cruel that when the work gets harder, the rewards disappear.

Hence, you have to do something for yourself. You and possibly you alone are responsible for doling out the accolades for simply showing up.  Did you manage to do something today that was herculean in feat, something that maybe no one even knows about? AMAZING. You deserve a treat. Did you actually put on pants and a top that flattered your figure today? WORK IT. You deserve a treat. Basically, did you get out of bed today and make it happen? HOT DOG. I think you deserve something for all that effort.

Rewards do not have to be expensive or grandiose. Have a cup of your favorite tea at the end of the day. Take ten minutes longer in the bathtub. Treat yourself to an extra exercise class. Use the good china. If I’ve rocked it on a particular day, I allow myself an extra hour of tv that night (I only watch about an hour a day, believe it or not) or I do something that makes me smile. Right now, it’s re-watching the 80’s soap opera Dynasty from the beginning. It gives me life.

Just stay away from sabotaging rewards. There is no reward to high risk items, like overspending and/or overeating. Don’t treat yourself with something that will undo all your hard work. Where’s the fun in having to work harder to undo what you’ve done?

Reward yourself today and every day. Take a moment to celebrate that you are simply awesome. You’re fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Most of all, you’re you and YOU ROCK.

You are, as my personal idol Pat Benatar says, invincible.



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