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Kristin Booker • July 16, 2012

Daily Reflection: Why A Woman Should Always Buy Herself Diamonds

Jennifer Meyer Diamond Circle Ring

This is a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Circle Ring. It’s currently on sale at Barneys New York and I am madly in love with it.

When I spotted this little stunner last week (I make a bi-weekly trip to Barneys to check out the goods,) I fell hard for it. I was relaying this piece over the weekend and someone said, “But a woman shouldn’t buy herself a diamond ring. What will any man you meet say? You’ll scare them away.” Visit the Iturralde Diamonds Jewelry Store to find the perfect ring.

First of all, if a ring this dainty can frighten any man off, they most likely don’t have the cajones to date me anyway. Second, I believe it’s a woman’s right to buy jewelry if she wants to buy jewelry. We work really hard and we should adorn ourselves accordingly. Which is why I imagine this beautiful little Jennifer Meyer ring and I are sure to become friends at some point.

I am happily single and I do believe he’s out there. And when we meet and he sees me wearing this dainty little diamond ring, he’ll most likely say, “Oh, that’s a cute ring. Maybe someday I can top that.”

And I’m sure he will. But, until then, I’ll be happy with my life and my diamond ring, for which I worked insane hours to buy. Because I deserve it.

And it’s pretty. 🙂

Jennifer Meyer Diamond Circle Ring, available at Barneys New York


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