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Kristin Booker • January 15, 2012

Daily Reflection: Why It’s Important To Have A Lap, Even When Losing Weight

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In our efforts to slim down before bikini season and to hastily erase the evidence of a holiday filled with fattening treats, we’re spending more time than ever working out. I need only point to the wall-to-wall mats in my yoga class yesterday as evidence, filled with women ready to do hand-to-hand combat to get a vigorous-yet-mindful workout. Yes, the race to the two-piece is officially on like Donkey Kong.

It did remind me, however, of a compliment I got from a young child a while ago. The young boy sidled up to me with a blanket in hand and hopped onto my seated legs. He seemed to relax almost instantly, collapsing back into my arms with a resounding sigh. When I asked if he was ok, he said, “I love that you have a lap to sit on.”

While I don’t believe that there’s really any such thing as too rich (unless you’re stealing) or too thin (if you’re unhealthy/starving yourself), at that moment I was reminded of the importance of having some amount of curvature for the important things: a little for your lover to hold onto, and a place for the right person (or pet, for us animal people) need a place to just be loved in semi-soft comfort and affection.

Which is why I am perfectly fine with us managing our waistlines, but let’s keep an eye on what’s important, like those little moments when there needs to be a little more of us to love. We can go for arms like Michelle Obama (or Linda Hamilton, for those of us who remember her turn in Terminator 2 years ago) but let’s try to make lap time -and other such quality moments – a softer affair.



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